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Block Online Access To Your Personal Data

We Stop

Cyber Bullies from Bullying

ManageYourID or Someone Else Will!


PeopleFinder Sites Are Tracking You Right Now!

We Can Help Block Them 

See Your Results In About

Home Address                Personal Phone Numbers            Financial Status        Driving Records

    Private Email Addresses       Mortgage Details         Political Affiliations        Date of Birth

Children's Names      Parents Address    Buying Habits      Gun Registrations        Relatives Addresses


                                                                              And Much More

IMAGINE!  In only a few clicks, a complete stranger can find out everything about you and your family!

These sites let anyone search Anonymously! 

You won't know you're a victim until its too late

Don't take our word for it. There are over 50 websites selling your personal information right now. Try one of these below and see if you are listed:

All other trademarks are properties of their respective companies and are hereby acknowledged. ManageYOURiD is not affiliated with any of the companies listed above.

What We Do For You

Anonymized  Record Locator

We do the searching for you! People Finder Sites

Our automated search platform scours the people finder sites on the internet to find your personal information.

You are on these sites. Everyone is!




One Click Removal Process

Our fully automated process will manage the removal of your personal information from people finder sites and those that sell your sensitive personal information on the Internet.

online privacy, safe dating, opt out,
online privacy, safe dating, opt out,



online privacy, safe dating, opt out,
online privacy, safe dating, opt out,

Unlimited Searches and Removals

Continued use of the Internet and other "smart" technologies will inevitably result in the repopulation of information broker databases, so our Protect-Bots will continuously monitor for the reappearance of your personal information.

How it works
Privacy, Get On It!

Stop the Snoops from Snooping

About us

We Are Your Online

Privacy Protection Company

Our Story

We have over 30 years experience in data security and privacy and online privacy protection. Our team  has developed a unique capability to search the people finder sites and remove your personal and private data.

Our Vision

Empowering you, the consumer, by putting you back in charge of managing your personal information and deciding who can see it with our online privacy protection solution. 

A few of our clients

Law Enforcement and DOD ManageYOURiD clients of ManageYOURiD
Our Technology

We developed a new kind of robot that covertly searches, finds, and removes your private data from these dangerous websites.​

What The Experts Are Saying On This Issue

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The New Threat..."

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"10 Things to Never Write

in an Online Dating Profile"

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"..things that can be done to prevent an attack"

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"..remain anonymous until you feel ready"

online privacy, safe dating, opt out,

"Behind the mysterious world of data brokers, who have access to a lot more of your life than you think."

What's Your Privacy Score?

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